1. Core Service:
Provide research studies for pharmaceutical chemicals,including custom synthesis and process development of intermediates and APIs.
Provide research studies for process innovation and improvement for both existing and new products.
Provide drug discovery services, including custom synthesis or self-development of new reagent and new intermediate,especially those for synthesis of new innovative APIs.

Service Features
① Screening of synthetic routes
② Continuous process optimization
③ Process scale-up verification
④ Provide the English project report
⑤ Organize regular telephone conference with customers

2. R&D
Headquartered in Shanghai, LinkChem has built up one R&D center (1,500M2) there and 3 production sites in Anhui, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi each with a compliment of 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 liter glass lined reactors, which enable us to provide integrated services from R&D to commercial production with timely delivery of high-quality products at competitive price.
Our Shanghai R&D Tower and Cambridge facilities are primed to support our growing local and international partner network to support the pharma industry.


① Enzymic reaction
② Carbohydrate chemistry
③ Transition metal-catalyzed coupling reaction
④ Chiral resolution
⑤ Asymmetric catalysis
⑥ Fluorination(2000L)
⑦ High-pressure reaction ( 2000L 10MPa)
⑧ High-temperature reaction(260 ℃)
⑨ Cryogenic reaction(-80 ℃)
⑩ Flow chemistry(Corning flow reactor: nitration, diazotization, continuous ozonization, reaction of unstable compounds and processing)



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